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Written by Dana Pivodová   

Laboratory for monitoring of residues of extraneous substances 

A laboratory department for monitoring residues of extraneous substances has the status  of “National reference laboratory for monitoring residues of medicinal products” (NRL)

Discretions and duties of NRL are laid down in the following documents:

  • Regulation No 298/2003 on National reference laboratories and reference laboratories (RL) governs requirements and scope of NRL and RL in compliance with European community legislation
  • Regulation No 291/2003 on prohibition of administration some substances to animals whose products are intended for human consumption and on monitoring of disallowed substances, residues and contaminants, through which the animal products could be harmfull for public health and animal health and in animal products.

According to the §17(2) of the Regulation No  291/2003, the laboratory of the ISCVBM is entitled to carry out a control of the following substances 

  • Group A – substances with anabolic effect and disallowed substances
  • Group B2 d) – sedatives
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