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Written by Jiří Bureš   

In this part You will find instructions and information ÚSKVBL comprised of rules of making payment:

Veterinary medical products

  •     Administrative fees connected to applications for administrative procedures
  •     Reimbursements of costs for expert tasks carried out on request and other expert activities within the ÚSKVBL  scope of activity
  •     Payments for applications in context of  possible grouped variations of  marketing authorisations in compliance with directly applicable EU regulations concerning the examination of variations to the terms of marketing authorisations for veterinary medicinal products
  •     Reimbursements of costs for the activities related with duration of the  veterinary medicinal products marketing authorisation (annual maintenance fee)

Veterinary non-medicinal products and veterinary technical devices

Administrative fees for activities carried out on request in connection to veterinary non-medicinal products and veterinary technical devices

! Attention: Change of ÚSKVBL account number at Czech National Bank (ČNB) maintained for the purpose of administrative fees payment – read the following instructions carefully!

Download this file (702_680_Revize_UST - 3 2006 rev.1 Pokyn platby schvalování_revizeE.doc)ÚSKVBL/UST-3/2006/Rev.2 Adm.fees-veterinary non-medicinal product, devices[Administrative fees for actions carried out on request in relation to vet.non-medicinal products ]192 Kb
Download this file (Information payment grouping variations 11_11_10.doc)Information for applicants - fees for grouping of MA variations[Fees for variations of MRP/DCP MAs with regards to the grouping variations]29 Kb
Download this file (USKVBL_UST_4_2008_R3_EN.doc)USKVBL/UST-4/2008 Rev.3-Administrative fees and reimbursements of costs[Administrative fees and reimbursements of costs of expert acitivities ]533 Kb
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