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Written by Věra Morávková   
Type of information and noticeNumberEffective dateSourceNotice/document
 Information for applicants/MAHs - submitting of package samples of VMPs  01.04.2013 ISCVBMavailable document
 Change to the conditions for the applications/notifications of the variations to the marketing authorisation of VMPs authorised by the national procedure in the Czech Republic, as applicable from 20th January 2011.   01.11.2010 ISCVBM available document
 Information for Applicants/MAHs with respect to the implementation of the Commision Regulation (EC) No. 1234/2008  02.12.2009 ISCVBM available document
 Information for applicants regarding representations based on Power fo Attorney  11.08.2009 ISCVBM available document
Power of Attorney - model proxy form for purposes of administrative proceedings  11.08.2009 ISCVBM  available document
 Power of Attorney withdrawal - model form for power of attorney withdrawal  11.08.2009 ISCVBM available document
 Notice of the ISCVBM regarding the content of the cover letters accompanying the applicants and dossier  07.07.2009 ISCVBM  available document
 Notice of the ISCVBM regarding submission of application and dossier  01.02.2009 ISCVBM available document
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