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Product name: Canigen DHPPi L
Active substance: Virus febris contagiosae canis attenuatum, kmen Lederle, Virus laryngotracheitidis contagiosae canis attenuatum, kmen Manhattan, Parvovirus enteritidis canis attenuatum, kmen CPV780916, Virus parainfluensis canis attenuatum, kmen Manhattan, Leptospira interrogans sérovar canicola, Leptospira interrogans sérovar icterohaemorrhagiae
Target tribe: psi
Drug form: Lyofilizát a suspenze pro injekční suspenzi
Registration date: 7. 1. 2016
Registration number: 97/002/16-C
Verdict holder: Virbac SA
1.avenue-L.I.D. -2065m
Carros 06516
Phone: 033 492 087 347, Fax:
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
ATC vet. code: QI07AI - Live Canine distemper virus vaccine + live Canine adenovirus vaccine + live Canine parainfluenza virus vaccine + live Canine parvovirus vaccine + inactivated Leptospira vaccine
Pharmacotherapeutic group: Live viral and inactivated bacterial vaccines
Narcotics: NO
Indication restriction: NO
Withdrawal period:
Procedure type: MRP

Table of active package codes

Package codeSizePackage typeMaterialIdentification codeEU numberIssue
99046351 x 1 dávkalahvičkasklo--Na předpis
99046361 x 10 dávkalahvičkasklo--Na předpis
99046371 x 25 dávkalahvičkasklo--Na předpis
99046381 x 50 dávkalahvičkasklo--Na předpis
99046391 x 100 dávkalahvičkasklo--Na předpis